It is an oft-quoted adage that a sausage or burger is only as good as its ingredients. While that is true, it does not take account of the importance of how those ingredients are prepared.

A crucial contributor to a good quality product is the preparation. Bowl cutters, mixers and grinders are all workhorses in that process so ensuring that the right equipment is chosen for a given application is important. Available from Interfood’s dedicated ‘Preparation Division’ are bowl cutters from K+G Wetter. One of the features which makes the range stand out from the crowd is its cast iron frame. While previously widely adopted by manufacturers to achieve a robust performance, low vibration, reliability and longevity, K+G Wetter is now the only manufacturer that continues to adopt this approach. The fact that cast iron framed machines are still in operation after many years in food processing operations is testament to the performance values the material offers and is the reason it is employed to this day by the Germany-based business.

In addition to the solid grey cast iron stand, the K+G Cutmix bowl cutters feature an all-round stainless steel casing to further ensure exceptional hygienic design, protection and durability, even under the most arduous and demanding of conditions. Smooth operation is provided through robust design and simple, intuitive control, with hand-cut, sloping surfaces for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene. High productivity is achieved by the advanced bowl design with its raised edge which allows very high fill levels without overflow, while variable adjustment of the cutting space via the removable baffle plate ensures high quality cutting.

Controlling temperature (typically to below 5°C) during chopping/mixing of sausage and burger ingredients is also important in achieving a successful end product. The Cutmix Series employs a temperature sensor located in the cutting space to provide the most accurate detection.

Mixer/grinders are also extensively employed in producing sausage and burger mix. One of the most popular options from K+G Wetter is the MW U200 mixer grinder. Simon Jubb is Interfood’s Preparation Division Manager. He says – “One of the keys to the success of the MW U200 is that the mixer and grinder are completely separate from each other. This ensures that in the first step all the material is mixed into a uniform quality homogenous mass before the grinding process takes place. In the mixer, there are no dead-spaces and a hydraulic discharge flap enables fast emptying of the mixer hopper. Synchronous and reverse rotation is possible in both directions and simple operation is achieved via a swivelling touchscreen.”