The Food Standards Agency has highlighted the risk of Campylobacter food poisoning from raw chicken and made several recommendations for reducing the hazards associated with cross contamination. To help eradicate this risk, Hygiena International has introduced the CrossCheck rapid test system, which can be used by anyone and anywhere, with results provided in minutes.

An integrated, self-contained test device, it includes a swab for sample collection after which the test is activated with a simple snap and squeeze action. This releases the test reagent into the lower part of the device where it mixes with the sample. The result is generated after two to five minutes and is measured in a small hand-held instrument (EnSURE) to produce a numerical result in a patented light emitting reaction. The higher the output then the greater the amount of raw meat detected and the greater the potential risk from associated pathogens.

CrossCheck specifically measures an enzyme that is present in raw meat and fish. It is not a test for specific bacteria. The enzyme measured is destroyed by cooking such that CrossCheck can also be used on finished product to verify cooking processes.

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