It is no secret that food and hospitality businesses have been among the worst hit by Covid-19. Many took it upon themselves to rebrand, regroup and relaunch as takeaway services to encourage continuing trade. 

Leading packaging provider Rocaba Packaging has seen a growing trend for diversification in food and takeaway services and has been working with a wide variety of providers to supply packaging options. CEO Sujan Shah comments: “Trends like ‘Cook at Home’ and the rise of smaller, more niche food suppliers, often run out of people’s home kitchens, have created a new market of providers who have recognised an opportunity, and benefited from trading on exclusivity and scarcity.”  

According to Rocaba, this new way of cooking and eating has also opened how food and takeaway services can be marketed to customers. “Packaging, which must now consider temperature-controlled environments, sustainable materials, and Covid-free packing, also provides the chance to showcase bespoke branding to encourage social media shares, word of mouth and online reviews,” Sujan continues.  

Furthermore, smaller, independent restaurants have finally been able to compete on a major level with the larger chains. Although many have not necessarily been able to afford the rates of delivery services offered by Deliveroo and Just Eat, they are still able to manage local deliveries and open for takeaway for their most dedicated customer base.