Whitworths ‘Protein By Nature’ plant-based ‘ready to eat’ range consists of four brand new SKUs

Each product provides 20g of plant protein (8g per 100g) and is suitable for vegans

Products will be available in selected Morrisons stores from 2nd November and selected Tesco stores from 9th November 2020.

Whitworths, whose purpose is to help everyone eat a little healthier every day, has launched a brand new bean, pulse and grains ‘ready to eat’ range, Protein By Nature. This is a real step change for the brand as it explores delivering on its purpose outside of its heritage in dried fruit and nuts

The Protein By Nature range are internationally inspired and ‘ready to eat’, made up of four ambient SKUs (RRP: £2.00/250g) that offer a variety of flavours from around the globe including Brazilian Smoky Beans, Moroccan Grains, Indian Lentil Dhal and Mexican Spicy Grains. 

Each 250g pack contains 20g of plant protein (8g per 100g), through ingredients such as pinto beans, quinoa, lentils and wheatberries. Tasty and convenient, Protein By Nature is suitable for vegans, contains all nine essential amino acids, has no additives or flavourings and can be consumed as a main for one or side for two. The pouches can be prepared in two minutes and are low in sugar and saturated fat.

With many shoppers now actively reducing or reconsidering their meat intake (a key source of protein) there is no sign that protein appeal will be slowing down anytime soon. In the new Protein By Nature range, Whitworths has acknowledged a growing interest into clean and natural sources of protein – in the form of beans, pulses and grains.

Whitworths Commercial Director, Phil Gowland comments: “With huge consumer trends around natural protein and meat reduction we have seen a real opportunity to better utilise beans, pulses and grains to meet consumer’s needs. The Protein By Nature product is a nutrient powerhouse, being 100% natural, high in protein and fibre, low in salt and sugar and rich in vitamins and minerals. It was clear from speaking to consumers that we needed to overcome three clear barriers: offer genuine ‘good for you’ products rather than a product masquerading as healthy, don’t compromise on taste – the biggest barrier to healthy eating, and keep it simple and convenient. Delivering products that do this is exactly what the Whitworths brand has been doing in snacking for the past few years, our wide recognition and unrivalled brand trust made this move an obvious one for us.” 

The products will be available in selected Morrisons stores from 2nd November and selected Tesco stores from 9th November 2020.