Following an extensive review of its distribution and pallet pooling requirements, KTC Edibles Ltd, the oil and fats specialist and world foods supplier, has awarded the contract for its pallet pooling business to LPR, Europe’s leading red pallet pooling company.

KTC Edibles sources a wide range of quality foods and ingredients from around the world and distributes these to manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, both in the UK and other countries.  The company’s products include oils, spices, pulses and sauces, as well as canned groceries and beverages.  Vincent Poulton, the company’s Equipment Controller explains, “Our business is growing fast, and we need suppliers that have the ambition and ability to grow with us. We selected LPR as a long term partner who will provide the unique combination of high quality products and exceptional customer service.”

The decision to partner with LPR was taken after a three month joint project during which every aspect of KTC Edibles’ distribution operation was explored.  Vincent explains, “Having made the decision to choose a new pallet pooling provider, we wanted to be certain that they would meet our expectations before committing to a long-term agreement. The due diligence period allowed us to test LPR’s approach to relationship management and we’re delighted that LPR passed with flying colours.  LPR worked closely with our pallet control and operational teams and demonstrated that they were able to meet both our rigorous technical and commercial requirements, while providing the flexibility and resources to support our ongoing business growth.”

LPR will be fulfilling KTC Edibles’ pallet requirements for their distribution hubs in Liverpool, Wednesbury and Darlaston.