There’s a new tonic water that has got the drinks industry talking”

Gallybird the UK’s 1st naturally sugar-free, zero-calorie premium tonic water launches NEW classic blend Indian tonic water to its best-selling range 

No Sugar – Zero Calories – Nothing artificial

Following the success of its original ‘botanical blend’ premium tonic water Gallybird launches its NEW ‘classic blend’. By carefully blending a touch more of it’s highest quality quinine with delicate citrus notes and extra sparkling mineral water, it has created a delicious modern day take on traditional Indian tonic water with a little added ‘bite’ for the die-hard gin and tonic lover.  Both are naturally sugar-free with zero calories, delicately sweetened using only pure, plant- based stevia leaf extract and blended by experts to give a deliciously light taste  – absolutely nothing artificial! 

Founder Fo Kemp says, “Gallybird grew out of a frustration at not being able to find a tonic water that wasn’t either full of sugar or artificially sweetened. We launched with our ‘Botanical Blend’ which was carefully designed as almost a hybrid between a tonic and a soda, with light citrus tones, delicate sweetness and only hint of the bitter bite associated traditional tonics. We soon realised that there was room for us to widen our offering and introduce a stronger ‘Classic Blend’ Indian tonic  water for those specifically seeking a healthier mixer for the huge number if exciting gins on the market.”

Harmful sugars and sweeteners vs natural ‘wonder’ sweetener stevia

Studies have shown that added sugars in drinks is a hidden culprit to weight gain and ill health and shockingly most tonic waters contain an average of 4 teaspoons of sugar with most ‘skinny’ versions still containing over 2 teaspoons. Those with no sugar contain artificial sweeteners which are known for playing havoc with your body’s insulin levels and could even cause weight gain and other health issues. 

With consumers today increasingly demanding natural alternatives to sugar filled drinks it is no wonder that international sales of stevia sweetener – a healthy and natural alternative to sugar – has surged by over 11% and is beginning to eclipse sales of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin*. Leading this trend, Gallybird has harnessed the delicate sweetness of stevia leaf extract and blended it with only the highest quality natural ingredients to create its deliciously light premium tonic waters  – always naturally sugar and calorie free – no nasties guaranteed!

The clean drinking movement

The heightened health awareness amongst consumers has seen a huge movement towards ‘clean’ natural drinking with steep growth in low or no-alcohol drink brands like Seedlip and Cedars.  As the UK’s 1st naturally sugar and calorie free premium tonic water it is the perfect partner to clean drinking with or without alcohol. 

Enjoy Gallybird Classic blend poured over Hendricks gin with plenty of ice and garnish with a slice of orange and pink peppercorns – cheers – to your good health!

Suitable for diabetics, those following a calorie-controlled, keto, plant-based or sugar-free diet. Certified by the Vegetarian Societyas suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Certified by Sugarwiseas Sugar and Calorie free. 

Now available on Amazonand Gallybird is available from £5.00 4 x 200ml bottles – tins coming soon!