Swedish Brewery Selects Infor Optiva and Advanced Scheduling to Drive Innovation and Support Expansion into New Markets

Infor, a global leader in business cloud software for Enterprise and SMB companies, today announced that Swedish Brewery Spendrups has selected Infor Optiva and Infor Advanced Scheduling. As part of its digital transformation plans, Spendrups will deploy the applications to help get new products to market quickly and expand market share.

In order to tackle market complexity and successfully launch new products, Spendrups requires the agility and foresight to be able to track and respond to market trends faster than its competitors. Infor’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, Optiva, can support this through helping to streamline product development, foster innovation to better meet changing consumer tastes, and reduce time to market. The application will also calculate nutritional values to expedite labelling processes and support communication with customers and suppliers.

Infor Advanced Scheduling will allow all production planning information to reside in one location, providing greater visibility of the entire process. Through simulating the outcome of various production options, the application overcomes the scheduling complexity of the brewing industry including multiple tanks and filling lines. It provides insight into the impact of decisions, allowing Spendrups’ changeover times to be reduced and capacity increased.

“The beverage industry is facing increased complexity with time to market and adaptation crucial differentiators in fast paced sectors. At the same time an increased number of products, categories and packaging variants adds further pressure on production planning and creates a need to maintain a high capacity utilisation and service ratio,” comments Anna Darnhede, IT Specialist, Spendrups. “Digitalisation is absolutely fundmental in navigating these challenges and through our deployment of Infor Optiva and Infor Advanced Scheduling, we are confident that we have the best tools to drive innovation and build market share in our chosen categories.”

“FMCG companies are really up against it, as pressure to deliver an inordinate amount of products, categories and packaging variants mounts,” comments Johan Made, Managing Director, EMEA North Region, Infor. “Digitalisation is crucial as organisations step up to ever-challenging markets and inevitably, the winners will be those who select applications focused on increasing agility, fostering innovation and increasing speed to market.”