In its effort to boost wellness and lessen the impact of seasonal viruses, GOJO, THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™, has launched a new website, This microsite, available to view in eight different languages including English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and Romanian, features advice, blogs and downloadable resources to help businesses across Europe achieve a healthier germ season. is an innovative educational microsite, which features:

  • A benefit calculator. This handy tool calculates the number of employees, their hourly wage and days saved per winter period, by implementing a hand hygiene system
  • A winter wellness toolkit. Free to download, this toolkit contains awareness-raising signage, product placement guides and key information about how to stay healthy
  • Blogs, which offer lots more wellness tips for both employers and employees
  • Opportunity to purchase a PURELL® Winter Wellness Kit, comprising of PURELL® dispensing systems for common areas, PURELL® bottles for workspaces and PURELL® wipes for surfaces
    For more information visit For a tailored, effective, total solution for your setting, or for more information on the benefits of partnering with GOJO, please call +44 (0)1908 588444, email [email protected] or visit