Innovative food delivery business Lean Lunch has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help them take nutritious, sustainable eating to office workers across the UK.

Lean Lunch delivers chef-made dishes by bike to hundreds of time-poor workers across Leeds who are looking for healthier, tastier lunch options. It also provides meeting catering and employee perks to businesses like Sky, Arla and Burberry, who have seen how much more productive their people are after eating a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal.

Launched in 2017, Lean Lunch is on course to organically double its turnover in 2019, and it is now looking to secure £120,000 investment through crowdfunding to grow its customer base in Yorkshire and replicate its successful model in other UK cities.

Lean Lunch is the first and only online food business in the north dedicated to wellbeing and sustainability, tapping in to growing demand from consumers for better, less processed food that’s convenient but doesn’t have a negative effect on the planet. Lean Lunch meals use all natural ingredients, including only natural occurring sugars, are low in salt and contain no preservatives. The range includes vegan, gluten-free and dairy free options and takes its inspiration from cuisines from across the world.

Plus, because food is made to order, there’s minimal waste, and sustainable packaging and delivery reduces your lunch’s impact on the planet.

“Eating highly processed food is harming our health and the health of the planet,” says Lean Lunch founder Sat Mann.

“And the problem isn’t just the junk we eat, it’s the nutritious food we don’t eat. So, we’ve created a fresh, convenient alternative to pre-packed lunches that help maintain energy levels and deliver at least three of your five a day. We’re committed to inspiring and empowering people living in busy city environments to make better choices for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet, and we’re excited about this next phase of our development.”

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