Meeting Millennial Needs: Pfanner wakes up the drinks market with new range using SIG’s combidome 500 ml carton bottle 

SIG continues to fulfil its ongoing promise to turn the challenges of food and beverage manufacturers into viable commercial solutions. Pfanner, an internationally active premium manufacturer of juices and fruit juice drinks, is progressing its close cooperation with SIG as it chooses the innovative carton bottle combidome 500 ml for its new range of ‘Supersäfte’ healthy on-the-go drinks.

Pfanner’s recently launched Supersäfte not-from-concentrate range comprises of three unique drinks: 

Augenöffner (Eye Opener), a stimulating multi-juice energy drink, with added Guarana and caffeine for a natural boost.

Pausenfüller (Pause Filler), ideal for hunger in between meals, is a mix of strengthening almonds, acerola cherries and bananas as well as other valuable fruits, with niacin to provide energy.

Stresskiller (Stress Killer), a relaxing mix of direct-pressed apples, sour cherries, blackcurrants, elderberries, raspberries with added hemp, fragrant cinnamon and magnesium to support normal function of the nervous system.

Targeted at busy Millennials, who prefer to consume healthily on-the-go, Pfanner’s innovative Supersäfte range of lifestyle drinks is a stand out product that appeals to a younger, highly motivated and mobile demographic. Working jointly with SIG to create a complete product concept, from product ideas and recipes to overall marketing, the decision was made use combidome 500 ml as the perfect packaging solution. Pfanner first started to use combidome in its 1.0 litre fruit juice range back in 2016, moving from the gable-top carton for the first time in 18 years.

An increasingly mobile generation is making food and beverage manufacturers take important NPD decisions and packaging is playing an ever more integral role. SIG aims to drive Product Innovation and Differentiation, working in partnership with producers to offer product and packaging solutions which perfectly match food and drink innovations.

Millennials driving market change

Millennials are looking for healthy, nutritious and convenient snacking options which can be easily consumed on-the-go, expecting great taste and high quality to fit in with their busy lifestyles. combidome perfectly complements Pfanner’s new range, with its distinctive sturdy yet slim shape and modern design. It’s perfect for commuters who can enjoy the benefits of a carton pack in terms of product protection and environmental considerations. The packaging can be easily held and be resealed and stored neatly in a bag, just like a bottle. With a 28 mm single action screw cap positioned centrally on top of the carton, it creates the perfect angle for easy drinking straight from the pack.

Market research commissioned by Pfanner in spring 2017, with 20 to 35 age group, found that a staggering 98% of respondents thought the 500 ml packaging volume of combidome was the perfect on-the-go solution.


Standing out from the crowd

Pfanner also has the flexibility benefits of using the corresponding combidome filling machine, which can fill three different volumes on just one machine.

Peter Pfanner, Managing Partner of Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH, commented: “Different generations have changing needs and the mobile Millennial prefers to snack on the move, rather than taking regular meals. By working closely with SIG, we were able to develop a complete product solution for this health-conscious group, who like to maximise their time by consuming on-the-go. From developing initial product and packaging ideas through to the final concept, we now believe that together we’ve achieved the ideal range of drinks for this mobile generation.”

Pfanner continued: “combidome itself really stands out and helps us to differentiate our brand. We were able to create a dynamic, modern design, using the four display panels on the carton bottle, with fun colors and messaging which appeals to younger consumers and has excellent shelf appeal. At Pfanner, we value the reliability and high-quality production of SIG carton packs and we’re looking forward to developing our fruitful collaboration over many years to come.”

Marketing and Testimonials

Pfanner plans to promote its new Supersäfte on-the-go juice range on Facebook and Instagram, in a fun and engaging campaign. Influencer marketing will also be underway with target bloggers and opinion leaders. Pfanner has also implemented product tastings and sampling in 20 stores in Germany and Austria so far, with merchandised displays in many outlets.

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