Leading fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC, has teamed up with specialist films manufacturer, Klöckner Pentaplast, to create a resource efficient modified atmosphere pack (MAP) for fresh perishable food and liquids.

The novel design combines an APET++ rigid base web from Klöckner Pentaplast with a LINPAC LINtop® PET HB barrier lidding film to create an appealing, secure pack that enables a reduced time to market for packers and retailers.

Created to protect and preserve cured and cooked meat, cheese, fresh pasta, convenience food and liquids, and support a reduction in food waste, the mono PET pack features cutting edge MAP technology and is fully recyclable.

Packers can process the APET++ lightweight mono film at lower sealing temperatures and with a shorter seal time on thermoforming lines than comparable PET sealant base webs. In addition, an increase in thermoforming speed is made possible due to better heat transmission.

Retailers of the pack can expect greater on shelf appeal due to the outstanding anti-fog and increased haze properties of LINtop PET HB, as well as enhanced and consistent burst peel performance for consumer convenience.

The base and lid combined present a lightweight, sustainable rigid pack solution that offers a high level of food safety and security throughout the supply chain.
For more information, please visit linpac.com