A leading UK seafood processor has invested in a trio of freezing systems from British equipment specialist Starfrost.

Coombe Fisheries’ new £multi-million seafood packing, freezing and temperature-controlled storage facility in North Devon houses a production line featuring three bespoke Starfrost freezers.

Each Starfrost system on the new seafood production line is custom designed to perform a specific freezing process. The line has a total freezing capacity of 1,000kg per hour of fresh seafood products including scallops, sardines, whelks in shell, squid, sprats and cuttlefish.

The production line features a StarContact CFH (Contact Film Hardener) with a thin polyethylene film conveyor belt. The contact freezer quickly hardens the surface of wet and delicate seafood products such as scallops, to eliminate damaging belt marks, improve product quality and increase yield.

The second Starfrost system is a Helix Spiral Freezer for deep product freezing prior to glazing. Deep freezing allows high quality glaze pick up whilst maintaining good product temperatures.

The final freezing system is Starfrost’s Starlite HT (Hybrid Tunnel), a flexible multi-belt IQF tunnel system for glaze hardening seafood products, such as scallops and cuttlefish.

UK-based Starfrost works alongside food processors across the globe to develop the best IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) solution, ensuring maximum throughput, high efficiency and low energy costs.


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