Strict health and safety standards in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries require all machinery used in the production process to be thoroughly sanitised at regular intervals.

Because of the high pressures, harsh chemicals and high temperatures used in automated Cleaning in Place (CIP), an adequate safety system is needed to protect personnel. This safety equipment, including interlocks and safety switches, must be able to withstand the CIP process, which usually requires an ingress protection (IP) rating of IP69K – the highest rating available.

If a worker could be hidden from view while inside the machine, there needs to be an effective safeguard to ensure the guard door cannot be locked closed and the machine restarted until the worker leaves the danger zone. The simplest solution is a safety key, which a worker takes inside the machine.

With this in mind Fortress developed the amGardS40, a range of highly robust, IP69K-rated, stainless steel electro-mechanical safety interlocks and switches specifically designed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Modular in design, they allow for many different configurations, customers can purchase modules and build up their ideal safety system.

Each module of the amGardS40 has a slim 40mm body allowing it to be easily fitted to a 50mm guarding section or other areas where space is limited. The range also enables users to incorporate basic machine control functionality into their interlocking devices. All control elements, including push buttons, lamps, selector switches and e-stops, are IP69K-rated and can tolerate extreme CIP conditions. This minimises downtime while simplifying the access procedure as ‘gate release/ machine restart’ can be controlled at the point of entry.

As the amGardS40 IP69K range maintains optimal performance even after being repeatedly hosed down by high-pressure washers and subjected to harsh CIP chemical cleaning agents, it helps manufacturers achieve a high Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) rating. Electrical engineers can rest easy, knowing that machinery will not experience constant interruptions due to electrical failures when dust and/or food waste penetrates the casing of the safety switches.

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