Linerless label innovators, Ravenwood Packaging, prepare to unveil new linerless technology at the next Pro2Pac event at London’s Excel, 20th – 22nd March.

The company’s ‘Raveneers’ will be out in full force, for the 6th consecutive year to date at the UK’s only food and drink packaging event.  And it’s here that they plan to showcase a totally new product along with their range of linerless labels and applicators. And to help them convince the crowds will be their brilliant ‘life-sized’ labelling video wall.

In addition to the new product which is firmly under wraps at this time, the company is set to demonstrate to brand owners, manufacturers and packers that opting for linerless (no backing paper) is a ‘no brainer’.  The environmental, safety and cost implications are immense, allowing businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of the many benefits that this type of label has to offer. Most importantly, by eliminating the siliconised backing paper means that reels weigh up to 40% less and take up 40% less space compared to those with carrier paper. Subsequently, reduced shipping and storage costs become a major advantage. And by losing the liner means landfill disposal costs can be avoided too.

Ravenwood’s labelling formats include standard, slideable, ready meal and skin pack. They partner with some of the most prominent specialists in the food packaging field for the best materials and adhesives to deliver flawless labelling solutions. In addition to their selection of eco-friendly labels, Ravenwood supplies a range of machines called ‘Nobac Applicators’.  Their flagship range falls under the umbrella of the Nobac 500 – first assembled 10 years ago. Since this time, Ravenwood has adapted the original ‘500’ concept and created variants for applying a wide range of linerless labels.

Managing Director Paul Beamish is extremely excited at the prospect of unveiling the new technology but is understandably enigmatic: “This new product will undoubtedly be taking center stage on our stand but as you can appreciate, my lips are sealed at this time – all will be revealed on the 20th March.”
Visit Ravenwood Packaging on stand N1050.

Tel: 01284 749144

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