Radnor Hills have been producing innovative soft drinks for over 25 years and this year they are set to launch a brand new range of drinks in Tetra Prisma packs. With a 5 million pound investment in the new tetra range, their 8 sides create a truly unique feel in your hand whilst the modern branding and great tasting juice inside offers the ultimate on the go drinking experience! Their fun shape also appeals to children as it’s easy to grip with small hands and children require little supervision whilst drinking. Their tried and tested Radnor Fruits school compliant range which sells around 50 million bottles a year is already one of the leading school drinks in the UK and now available in 125ml and 200ml tetra which are ideal new options from LACA schools supplier of the year! Radnor Hills are also offering a 125ml smaller pure juice portion size to meet the demand of healthy and functional products for younger consumers aged 2-6 years old.

Radnor Hills are one of the first to bring this new, innovative concept on the market. They are introducing this brand new premium tetra concept as a more presentable, high quality, healthier and natural product to have as part of your drinks offering. Find out more by visiting www.randnorhills.co.uk or contact [email protected].