Konjac Innov is pleased to announce a partnership with top seafood company, Thai Union. According to Ash Patel, co-founder of Konjac Innov, “This is a very exciting opportunity for us. Thai Union is one of the world’s largest seafood processors and we hope they will bring varieties of innovative and exciting products to the table for us.”

Mr. Pichitchai Wongpiya, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Thai Union built on this and commented, “One of our main areas of focus in 2016 is the growth of our shelf-stable ready-to-eat meal manufacturing division. We researched many Konjac manufacturers in Asia to develop the next generation in healthy, low calorie and carbohydrate ready meals. Konjac Innov offered us a solution that not only pushed the boundaries of Konjac innovation, but also delivers a high quality, premium product that is incredibly low calorie which is something we know our customers are looking for.”

Konjac, also known as Konnyaku, is a plant which can be made into low calorie noodles, rice or pasta for public consumption. Konjac Innov have been at the forefront of this product innovation and have developed a diverse portfolio of unique konjac based recipes that stand out in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

In addition, Konjac Innov have developed a portfolio of innovative konjac food recipes that set themselves apart from their competitors in the fiercely competitive marketplace.

Most konjac brands use traditional, standard konjac recipes. Whilst these products can maintain their low calorie content, most receive criticism due to their translucent look and rubbery texture. In addition, some consumers report issues with the odour of the liquid used in the pack, and the inconvenient draining requirements.

In response to these issues, Konjac Innov developed an innovative recipe called Juroat™ C, which gives the konjac food itself a much closer resemblance to traditional pasta, noodles and rice – it is almost inseparable. Both the innovative recipe and manufacturing method allows the konjac to be packed without the need of being stored in an aqueous environment. This means no water in the packaging, which means no smell; no draining and no rinsing.

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