An interesting combination of sales data means that mature and continental cheese may offer the key to Christmas sales in 2016. As Autumn started, Kantar Worldpanel reported that Hard Continental cheese sales had risen 4.2% year on year in value and 9.5% in volume. Of the overall cheese sales, cheddar took the dominant position within which mature cheddar in particular still represents just over half of all the sales. Retailers who want to make the most of the opportunities identified in these figures may well feel that a mature continental hard cheese is the way to go. Džiugas is the bestselling hard cheese in the Baltics and is busy developing new partnership ideas for UK retailers so that they can make the most of the opportunities this award winning cheese presents.

Džiugas really is the great all-rounder cheese. Because it is sold in a variety of formats and maturities, it provides retailers with the scope to prompt many different types of purchase. It is as useful as its famous Italian counterpart as a seasoning, shaved over meat, fish and vegetables to bring out extra flavours, but as indulgent as a mature Edam or Cheddar when it comes to a festive cheeseboard. The unique grated mixes (see pictured) offer easy cooking solutions, providing the perfect cheese with the ideal melt rate and texture to suit bakes, pizza, pasta and salad.

In addition, lovers of mature cheese are attracted to the breadth of choice Dziugas offers, from Mild (12 month), Piquant (18 month), Delicate (24 month) and Gourmet (36 month) maturities. From the every day ‘Mild’ to the extra special ‘Gourmet’, Džiugas enables retailers to offer a real choice to shoppers looking for something different for Christmas.

Retailers looking to make the most of the demand for mature and continental cheese may be interested in the newly introduced Džiugas Embassy proposition. This gives retailers guaranteed income over the period of the agreement and enables them to showcase a unique display of Džiugas cheese and other Lithuanian favourites. The selection has been designed to prompt purchase by providing choice, depth and variety – an especially successful tactic over Christmas.

To further underline the excellence of this product, the International Taste and Quality Institute this year awarded Dziugas Gourmet 36 month cheese a Crystal Award. This is an outstanding mark of recognition as it is only given to products that consecutively receive 3-star awards from the Institute over 3 years.

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