The Nivector FTC968 is suitable for all kinds of free-flowing powders and fine-grained solids including foodstuffs such as grain, sugar, spices and semolina. One model also comes with Ex approval for use in dust-explosion hazardous areas.

Its compact size means it’s quick and easy to install in vessels (top or side mounted). As well as its mechanical safety, cost-efficiency and long operating life due to no wear and tear, the device also offers reliable operation due to its high immunity to electromagnetic interference and voltage peaks.

Starting at £80, the Nivector FTC968 is competitively priced and is available with multi-buy discounts, free delivery and a 12 month warranty. And, with a typical lead time of two days, you won’t have to wait long for your order.

Buy online at or call 0161 286 5050.

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