IC Labelling Systems has delivered a new self-adhesive labelling machine to Owens Illinois Decorative Glassworks in Alloa Scotland. The labeller is extremely flexible and is fitted with a side notch orientation system for high accuracy placement. It can handle up to three labels on the same glass bottle to cope with future requests from O-I glass customers. The plant in Alloa offers a range of silk-screening decoration services to their clients and the IC Labelling systems unit expands the range of decorations offered by O-I Alloa.

Adaptable Systems
With a turret diameter of 600mm and operating up to 3,600 bph, the new machine has been designed to handle a wide variety of bottles from very small to large 1.75 litre bottles, thanks to extra-wide platforms and a relative large pitch between the five heads. This machine was built with three high-quality performance modular labelling stations that ensure tolerances of 1mm +/- sideways.

Easy Operation
The machine features two rotating tables for bottle input and output accumulation to and from the compact conveyors. An overhead mobile arm allows ease of operation via a large screen control panel. A remote internet connection and a video camera complete the remote assistance service package.

Some packaging companies may also benefit from extra modular stations to provide non-stop operation during the changeover of label reels; this also allows speeds tailored to the customer between 1,000 and 20,000bph. Labellers can also feature a visual inspection system, which provides clear images of where the labels are placed. These types of systems could automatically reject a bottle should the worst happen and a label is misplaced.

As well as self-adhesive labels, some organisations prefer hot-glue or cold-glue or shrinkwrap branding on their products.

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