The air treatment specialists Hi-line Industries Ltd have a promotional offer for any Tundra model refrigerant air dryers purchased in May. Each dryer is supplied as standard with both an inlet three micron particulate pre-filter, together with an outlet filter for oil removal at 0.1 micron, providing the dryer internal heat exchanger protection as well as maintaining the downstream air quality. For any Tundra dryer product purchased during May, these units will also be supplied with free filter housings complete with filter elements for the model of dryer purchased, which could represent a saving of up to £1850 for their largest Tundra unit.

The offer represents an ideal opportunity for users to benefit from the purchase of what are claimed to be the most competitively priced market leaders in the field, combining efficiency with both economy and performance. The offer covers the full 16 models in their Tundra ex-stock range, covering throughput flows from 21 to 1605 scfm.

The free filter housings incorporate high quality pleated media units manufactured to ISO 8573-1:2010 and provide more than four times the filtration area of other wrapped or rolled media filters, with longer service life.

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