In the beautiful setting of Villa Necchi Campiglio, Riso Gallo – the historic Italian rice company owned by the Preve family – launched the XI edition of the Gallo Guide “Not only risotti – from some of  the best restaurants worldwide” celebrating the culture of rice through a collection of recipes created by the best chefs from Italy and around the world, including 11 Chefs from the UK.

Not only risotti – by the best restaurants in the world” is the eleventh edition of the Gallo Guide, a historic publication, produced regularly since 1998, talking about the symbol of Italian haute cuisine from  Riso Gallo – the ambassador for the culture of rice and risotto throughout the world. 

The Gallo Guide is, in fact, the story of rice, starting from the North of Italy – from Lomellina, where the historical headquarters of the company is located – covering the whole country, region by region, crossing the borders to all continents, through the rice-based recipes of great international chefs. This year there is an added value – for the first time the Gallo Guide includes “Not only risotti” – by the best restaurants in the world”. As the title itself suggests, the Guide proposes tasty recipes that go beyond risotto, embracing different rice-based creations.

The Gallo Guide is a varied collection, edited by Multiverso Edizioni and curated by Emanuele Preve and Adriano Canever. It includes 118 unpublished recipes that see rice as the undisputed leader and studied by the great chefs of Italian and international cuisine – 69 Italian and 49 restaurants including 11 from the UK – made with top quality ingredients combining tradition and innovation. In the preface of the Gallo Guide, edited by Francesco Mutti he reflects on the sense of slowness and the value of time, as the basis of the scrupulous preparation of risotto and rice in all its forms.

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