Fitness classes have been going ‘back to basics’ over the last year with incredible results. Exercise regimes, like CrossFit have done away with fancy gym machines and weights and have instead reverted back to a more primitive form of work out, relying instead on ropes, tyres and sledge hammers.

However you can’t out train a bad diet and, according to many of the country’s leading experts, we should follow the lead of CrossFit and take things to a more ‘primal’ level with the paleo diet.

Going back to basics with our food and drink doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice on taste however as nutritionist Suzie Walker hopes to show with the launch of her new Primal Kitchen Bars, the UK’s first paleo bars…

There are three bars in The Primal Kitchen range; Coconut & Macadamia, Almond & Cashew and Brazil Nut & Cherry – nuts, unsweetened fruit and almond oil, that’s it!

Handmade in the UK, each cold-pressed bar contains no more than 5 ingredients. The bars are free of grains, gluten, refined sugar, soy, vegetable oil and of course any kind of additive, preservative, flavouring or colouring. Just simple and tasty high quality ingredients jam packed into a bar.

The ingredients have been carefully selected to provide important nutrients to help support an active lifestyle and are an incredible source of natural energy and protein, making them the ideal nutrition bar for anyone wanting to train hard, but at the same time benefit from following a natural and pure diet.

The bars launch in March 2014 and cost just £1.49 each. They are available from, leading health stores and selected CrossFit Boxes and gyms.