It’s being touted as the ‘next big thing’ in dieting for 2014 and saw ‘Dragon’ Peter Jones invest in it earlier this year. Konjac pasta is already big in Australia however and has helped thousands of people lose weight. As they launch in Ocado, Slendier, Australia’s leading brand, hope to show us why they are so popular Down Under and why this special pasta really should be part of your New Year dieting plan in 2014…

Slendier is Australia’s leading brand of ‘konjac pasta’ and has already become established as a firm favourite with those looking to lose weight around the globe. Now for the first time it is available on UK shelves and hopes to revolutionise the way we view pasta in this country.

Konjac is an unusual vegetable that can grow up to 25 centimetres in diameter and is a dietary staple throughout many Asian countries.

Making konjac particularly special is a combination of factors that create a weight watchers dream…

First and foremost the pasta created by Slendier is amazingly low in calories – 100g of their pasta contains just 8 calories, as opposed to around 300 calories for the real thing.


But a food being low in calories won’t help you slim if it leaves you feeling hungry and likely to reach for the biscuit tin. This is where Slendier pasta really stands out from the crowd and is different to most other low calorie foods. It offers not the usual 100 gram but two servings of 125 gram in each of their packs. So you get effectively 25% more product for your money. Slendier acts as an appetite suppressant as it is particularly high in fibre which helps delay digestion and keeps you feeling full and satisfied despite a lack of calories; truly putting it in a league of its own when it comes to diet foods.

Throw in the fact that Slendier pasta is the only certified organic pasta and gluten and fat free. Studies have indicated it may have other health related benefits, it takes one minute to prepare and when added to sauce tastes just as good as the ‘real thing’ and it begins to sound too good to be true. There are however thousands of men and women who are ready to testify otherwise; including co-founder of the brand Ray Haven, who lost almost a stone and a half of weight whilst using the pasta.

Slendier pasta launches in December on and in selected health stores around the country. It costs just £2.49 per pack and comes in five different formats, all of which are organic – angel hair, fettuccine, rice style, spaghetti and noodles.

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