A new parts washing system from Oliver Douglas Ltd. is now fully operational at Humdinger’s snack food manufacturing plant in Sleaford, Lincolnshire where the emphasis is on a range of nut-based products.

“The success of the Humdinger products reflects the company’s commitment to operational efficiency,” comments John Glover, Oliver Douglas Sales Manager, “and their use of a Panamatic 700 unit is a good example as it means the full range of multi-head weighing parts can be processed through a single installation. This ensures not only that the highest levels of cleaning are maintained, but that clean parts are continually fed back into the production process.”

The self-contained system is well designed for an application of this type. The all stainless steel fabrication features a large capacity water tank which minimises water changes to help to maximise processing efficiency.

“Products at Humdinger are manually loaded into a wire tray that is designed to accommodate a number of different sizes and configurations of parts,” continues John Glover. “This is then inserted through a front loading door into the wash chamber where the action of two wash and rinse spray arms ensure maximum cleaning from all directions and angles is achieved.”

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