RPC Bebo Plastik will introduce an enhanced decoration process at Interpack that offers unrivalled possibilities for barrier and non-barrier thermoformed containers, including pots, tubs and trays.

In-Mould Label Thermoforming – IML-T – applies pre-printed labels to the container during the thermoforming process. This enables high quality intricate designs in up to eight colours to be incorporated to achieve a better level of finish and greater coverage of the container than direct printing.

Labels can be applied to even the most complex designs and the same system can handle different containers at different weights, as well as barrier and non-barrier, and bi-colour packs.

A special lacquer can be applied to the labels for barrier containers to enable them to withstand the autoclave process.

RPC Bebo says the new process offers extensive decoration options for both fresh and long shelf-life foods to create and enhance brand image and identity.

“In competitive markets, the intricacies of design and the quality of finish that can be achieved through the IML-T process will enable brands to establish on-shelf appeal and differentiation,” explains Sales Manager Robert Steinmeijer.

“The flexibility of the system also makes it possible to respond easily to market changes and new pack formats.”

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