The Isle of Wight Biltong Company has expanded its retail sales and doubled its turnover, thanks to its KernPack vertical form fill and seal packaging equipment. The machine has increased production by 600%, improved shelf life and created a more professional-looking packet.

Sarah Greeff, owner of Isle of Wight Biltong, said: “Vast improvements in both packing speed and seal quality have opened new retail avenues which simply weren’t there before. Shelf-life has increased from three months to one year, so supermarkets and retailers in both the UK and Europe are now interested.”

Isle of Wight Biltong is now selling in five Co-operative food stores in the UK and a further three independent retailers in Germany, Slovakia and The Netherlands. Other milestones since it started using the KernPack machine include being stocked by Selfridges.

The machine’s gas flush sealing process means the company’s preservative-free product – one of its key market differentiators – remains fresh for up to a year.

Pete Jolley, KernPack’s general manager, commented: “Productivity, shelf-life and presentation are all critical factors when trying to grow a small food business and we’re delighted to have played a part in helping a producer go from strength-to-strength.”

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