Fortress Technology, a global leader and UK manufacturer of metal detection systems, will be demonstrating their latest technologies for their diverse range of custom manufactured metal detectors at the PPMA Show this year. The demonstrations of their latest technology, illustrates how Fortress’s Never Obsolete Commitment protects investments by providing their customers the ability to upgrade their current Fortress detector without having to purchase an entirely new system.

This software has been developed to be compatible with all previously manufactured Fortress detectors and can be field installed on their Phantom and Stealth models. The FM software analyses the detection signal and uses an algorithm to calculate the signal strength based on a function of time and amplitude. This can significantly improve performance in certain applications, including large bags, by at least 40%. Increasing detection sensitivities lowers the occurrence of false rejects and ultimately increases the return on investment of a Fortress Metal Detection System.

Also on display, will be their revolutionary patent-pending Halo technology; an automatic metal detector testing system. Automatic testing, using the industry standards, removes the risk of human error and work place injury at critical control points on a manufacturing line while complying with industry standards.

Tel: 01295 256266

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