The new 8100 Plus pH meter kit is supplied with everything you need to perform quick spot checks of pH and temperature anywhere, at any time. The 8100 Plus pH kit is specifically designed for maximum portability and includes a pH electrode and temperature probe for the measurement of moist or soft food or ingredients.

With the 8100 Plus pH meter you can test the pH food directly, but for a higher degree of accuracy, or for hard food or ingredients where the electrode may be damaged, preparation of a diluted sample is recommended.

This 8100 Plus pH meter incorporates a clear custom LCD that shows the pH value from -2 to 16 pH with a 0.01 resolution, and displays the temperature over the range -39.9 to 149.9 °C. With a menu-driven custom microprocessor, the user is helped with clear prompts during operation and calibration. The unit comes with everything needed to test the pH of food, including a rugged carrying case to make your pH kit fully transportable.

The 8100 Plus pH meter housing has an integrated rubber seal to ensure complete water resistance and helps to reduce the possibility of damage in harsh environments. At the touch of a button, the instrument will automatically re-calibrate (2 point autocal) itself when used in conjunction with pH buffer solutions.

The 8100 Plus pH meter kit is competitively priced at £120.00, exclusive of VAT and available direct from ordering code 225-085.