With social media savvy diners busily telling the world what they think, a hard-fought reputation built on sweat and tears can be quickly destroyed in the click of a button.

There’s no room for mistakes, undercooked or cautiously overcooked food is not tolerated and diners will walk. This is why your kitchen should use really accurate, fast and reliable digital food thermometers.

What you need is a SuperFast Thermapen, designed for busy kitchens and hand-built right here in Britain.

If the Thermapen’s sleek, light-weight1, ergonomic design doesn’t seduce you then surely the practicality of its fine foldaway probe and optional belt holster will.

For the techy minded the Thermapen has a K thermocouple on board which, for the rest of us, means it’s super-sensitive and it takes just three seconds to give a digital reading to within one tenth of a degree Celsius.

The practical water-resistant casing comes in 10 different colours, helping you to meet HACCP requirements.

Perfect for ensuring food is safely stored, cooked and served at the correct temperature, the Thermapen has an easy to read display with a range of -49.9°C to 299.9 °C and a battery life of 1,500 hours.

Each Thermapen comes with a calibration certificate and a two year guarantee.

The Thermapen costs £48 (plus VAT) and is available from www.etiltd.com


1 Just 97 grammes