The Testo 104-IR Thermometer allows food temperature to be measured quickly and easily to help guarantee food safety. The thermometer allows non-contact measurement with an infrared sensor and contact measurement with a penetration probe – all in a single, compact instrument that can be folded up and kept in a jacket pocket.

The infrared sensor measures surface temperature without contact, quickly and reliably. Supermarket employees can check very quickly whether goods that have just arrived are at the right temperature. They can scan individual products or entire goods pallets within seconds. If a temperature limit value is exceeded, the penetration probe can be folded out and the product’s core temperature measured for safety purposes.

“There is no longer any doubt as to whether a foodstuff subsequently destined for consumption is at the correct temperature,” explains Matthias Germer, Product Manager at Testo AG. “This instrument makes complying with all the food safety standards such as HACCP or EN13485 easy. “As soon as the probe is opened up the display is activated and I can start measuring straight away.”

Practical and intuitive to use, the Testo 104-IR has a two-point laser, which allows for a high level of measurement accuracy, whether for incoming goods, in the warehouse, in cold storage or in an industrial kitchen.

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