Beverages are about to change inflight with the first and only patented fully automated beverage trolley SkyTender, a joint project between SkyMax and Air-Eltec. SkyMax a company that specializes in a wide variety of onboard products for the airline industry is hoping to revolutionise the inflight passenger drink experience. The SkyTender trolley has 3 water tanks of 10 litres each capable of delivering up to 380 beverages with only one filling all at the touch of a button, it has 10 syrup slots allowing a multitude of quality flavored hot and cold drinks for consumption. Cabin crew will no longer be required to serve traditional cans, cups or bottles of drinks or use hot water jugs, water boilers or coffee brewers in aircraft galleys. SkyTender does all the work itself guaranteeing a variety of beverages at a consistent quality and taste everywhere at any time. Railway operators are also looking at the system closely to see how they can benefit from using this revolutionary system.  SkyTender helps to reduce weight and storage space in galleys allowing airline or rail operators to upload other products and increase revenues. Savings can also be had for caterers due to optimizing logistics, no longer will airline caterers have to produce packing plans for inflight beverage carts, pack inflight carts with drinks or even keep stock of various drinks for passenger consumption, the system eliminates all these processes.

SkyMax also markets a range of pre mixed and pre-portioned quality cocktails (from the team at) Shatlers Cocktails. These cocktails are easy and ready instantly in just a few steps: Place crushed ice into a glass, shake the cocktail can, pour and serve!

Shatlers cocktails are available in 8 different alcoholic flavors: Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada, Swimming Pool, Long Island Iced Tea, Tequila Sunrise, Havanna Special, Caipirinha and 4 different alcohol-free varieties: Virgin Colada, Havanna Juicer, San Francisco and Wake up. Shatler’s cocktails can be used on board as a pre-dinner drink service or can be made available to passengers at inflight bars. The cabin crew can rest assured that when using Shatlers cocktails inflight they will pour a quality cocktail for passengers without the need to mix and measure various ingredients.


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