Bakeries and other industrial conveyor operators can now minimise the problem of messy black deposits building up in high temperature applications thanks to the new NSF H1 registered FOODLUBE® XT Chain Fluid™ from leading UK food-grade lubricants manufacturer ROCOL.

FOODLUBE XT combines easy application and maximum penetration of moving parts with a formulation that reduces friction and wear whilst improving plant cleanliness and hygiene. It enables extended re-lubrication intervals and improved maintenance efficiency and has been specifically developed for equipment such as bakery ovens.

“One of the main drivers for FOODLUBE XT’s development was to overcome the issue of black deposits building up as the oil degrades through oxidation at high temperatures,” says Joanne Ferguson, ROCOL marketing manager.

“This can cause serious problems for maintenance managers over time as the hard lacquer or varnish-like deposits cause frictional issues with increased drive torque and high power consumption. A build up of chain deposit can also result in contamination of the foodstuff.

“FOODLUBE XT reduces the build-up of these black deposits through a formulation with a significantly increased oxidation stability.”

FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid is food-grade, NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact and produced in the UK in ISO 21469 accredited facilities.

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