A new website www.IntelliMill.com, in support of Hosokawa Micron’s Performance Improvement Solutions service, offers engineers and plant operators a wealth of practical, step by step solutions to plant optimisation, a free downloadable diagnostic app and case study evidence and information for those seeking more from their existing plant. Browse the website by mobile phone, tablet or PC for information at a glance.

The site demystifies the jargon of process optimisation and its role in meeting Lean manufacturing targets and achieving 6 Sigma performance and reveals how Hosokawa’s established Performance Improvement Solutions service can help processors operate their existing plant at full potential to exploit production opportunities and achieve rapid return on investment.

With three simple stages, UNDERSTAND, MONITOR, CONTROL, Hosokawa Micron’s phased approach to performance improvement and plant optimisation offers engineers clear indicators and defined actions for continuous strategic performance improvement.

Hosokawa Micron’s Performance Improvement Solutions combines the strength of Hosokawa Micron’s technical and practical processing expertise with the latest plant performance monitoring equipment and analysis software from technology leaders XpertRule Software Ltd to achieve benefits including increased production yield, improved product quality, increased plant availability and reduced emissions across a range of industries.