Pheasantry Brewery has recently installed a Lanemark process gas burner system – via AB UK – and points to its excellent heat up and control characteristics as a major factor in its brewing efficiency.

“Efficiency was key throughout the brewery design,” comments Pheasantry Brewery Director, Mark Easterbrook, “and the Lanemark burner has low gas consumption and fast heat up rates – liquid is fully heated by the time it reaches its full 1028mm depth.”

“We installed a 100 kW rated TX 30 modulating gas and air burner system which fires through the wall of the copper into a submerged tubular heat exchanger within the vessel,” says Adrian Langford, General Manager at Lanemark International. “An exhaust fan then pulls the products of combustion through the tube to ensure optimum heat distribution.”

The system is controlled automatically during the warm up phase to 100°C with manual control then selected to set the propane gas and combustion air inputs. A variable speed drive connected to the exhaust fan provides the rate of ‘rolling boil’ and a graphic HMI display enables a check on the process.

“We wanted equipment that would help us achieve the most efficient micro-brewery operation and the Lanemark system is fundamental to this,” concludes Mark Easterbrook.

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