Industries. It is designed for in-line, continuous drying processes with drying achieved via a blower-powered airknife.

ACI’s Spiral Drum Dryer comprises a horizontally-mounted, single-helix, rotating drum constructed from perforated stainless steel sheet. Feed product can be delivered via a simple chute, hopper or vibrating plate system. Product passes directly through the drum via the helix and is dried effectively and efficiently by a high-velocity ‘blade’ of air from the blower powered airknife, which is located in the centre of the drum and spans the full length of it. The height and pitch of the airknife can be adjusted to suit product and throughput speed.

The blower supplying air to the airknife in the Spiral Dryer is ACI’s Direct Drive Multi-Stage blower. Direct mounting of the impellers and low motor speeds deliver high-pressure performance with minimal noise levels. Additionally, the modular construction of the Multi-Stage offers a wide choice of performance characteristics and power supply options.

The entire unit is manufactured in 304 stainless steel and the drum can be removed for easy cleaning or maintenance. The helix can be customised according to customer requirements and the blower can be installed remotely or mounted on top of the dryer.

External drum dimensions are 1000mm long with a 600mm diameter.

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