Silgan Plastic Food Containers will be attending Pro2Pac to show its extended range of stock and bespoke high-barrier plastic microwave-able containers for long shelf-life, ambient, convenience foods.

Some packs are designed to be heat-sealed while others can be double-seamed with an easy-open or easy-peel metal end and run on existing can-filling lines with limited investment, at conventional speeds and efficiencies. The containers can be processed in retorts at up to 130°C. They are produced using Silgan’s unique, melt-phase Rotary ThermoForming, which offers customers unrivalled technical and commercial advantages, including superior material distribution and retort performance.

Having been previously owned by Rexam plc, Silgan Plastic Food Containers is a new division of Silgan and now enjoys over 75% of the plastic high-barrier food container market in the US.

Nick Brewin, Sales and Marketing Director, says, “This is a very exciting time for Silgan Plastic Food Containers in Europe. Despite the difficult economic times, food manufacturers are still keen to develop new convenience food packs, to breath fresh life into existing brand names and to tap into the growing demand for easy to cook and eat, nutritious and good quality ambient ready meals for people in a hurry and ‘on the go’. Silgan has a range of stock, standard can-size plastic containers that can be double-seamed, thus enabling traditional canners access to this new market and differentiate their products on the super-market shelves, but without having to make major investment.

“We look forward to welcoming new and existing customers to our stand who would like to learn more and to see samples of our products.”

See Siglan on Stand S2229 at Pro2Pac or contact Nick Brewin at [email protected]


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