An innovative mixer has been introduced to the UK by Shareteq Ltd. Manufactured by Swedish company Garos AB, the GBT300 takes a full Eurobin of ingredients and mixes them within the bin, making it ideal for small flexible production runs and sampling or trials.

The GBT300’s operation is simplicity itself: load a Eurobin with the required ingredients, place it in the mixer, close the gate and press the start button. At the end of the timed cycle the bin is removed with the ingredients completely mixed.

Both mixing time and speed are variable, input via an HMI mounted on the machine. For meat tumbling applications, a 50% vacuum can be drawn within a standard Eurobin, or over 90% with reinforced bins.

What sets this machine apart from the competition is that a full Eurobin can be mixed perfectly in the large mixing space provided by the ‘lid’, which has the same volume as the bin itself. This significantly increases throughput and is in stark contrast to other machines on the market, which can only mix a partially loaded bin.

The advantages of simple operation and easy cleaning make this an invaluable tool for any factory.

Based in Spalding Lincolnshire, Shareteq Ltd markets the latest technology for the Food Process industry and can be contacted on 01775 710100.