In collaboration with RPC, Citres Spa, the Italian food specialist in pickles, pesti and sauces, is pioneering the supply of its products in new polypropylene jars.

Citres Spa has developed a plan to meet the needs of customers in markets which for some time have restricted and in certain cases banned the use of glass in foodservice kitchens, requiring instead the introduction of more ecological, safe and lightweight jars.

The company has therefore worked with RPC to develop a solution that meets its requirements for long shelf life (up to 36 months), lightness, resealability, recyclability and easy opening, while maintaining the freshness and authenticity of the products.

The RPC jars all feature a multilayer PP/EVOH/PP construction that can be pasteurised and sterilised to provide a long ambient shelf life.

Using RPC’s extensive range of jars, Citres Spa supplies products to both retail and fooservice sectors. RPC is supplying its 1000g (Classic Jar) for Pesto and Sauces, the 2400 g (Thermic Ultra) for Olives, Sliced Artichokes and Dried Tomatoes, and the 3800 g (Amgall) for a variety of sliced and diced vegetables. The jars are produced by RPC Corby and RPC Kutenholz, with caps from RPC Halstead.

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