Whether you operate bottle/can lines running at a few hundred an hour or many thousands, Air Control Industries (ACI) has the ideal drying solution for you. Examples of this technology will be on display in Hall A5 on stand 362 Drinktec 2013.

Employing the company’s specially developed, energy efficient, blower-powered air delivery systems (JetPlate and CanTunnels) and/or air knives in conjunction with neck and cap dryers, ACI bottle/can drying solutions ensure effective drying to promote efficient labelling and clear product coding.

Systems are available as totally enclosed units (LNL) with air delivery systems and blower housed in a single moisture containing, noise reducing cabinet right through to a simple open system with separate airknives and blower.

For high throughput lines ACI offers its JetPlate and CanTunnels.

JetPlate comprises a pair of facing plenums which serve to both deliver air and act as guide rails. Their close proximity to the bottles and the air slot pattern ensures both efficient air delivery and effective moisture removal. It can be complemented by neck and cap drying equipment.

CanTunnel is available in both single and multi-lane formats. Cans pass through the CanTunnel and air is delivered via precisely configured slots. This arrangement ensures all moisture is removed and contained.