Pukka Pies are returning to their roots during their 50th anniversary year and have made a major investment into the pub trade.

Public houses were among the first accounts of Pukka Pies founder Trevor Storer, who started the family run business in his home kitchen in 1963 with an investment of £200 and the sale of his car that in turn purchased the first company minivan.

50 years on the company now produces over 60 million pies and pasties a year and are returning to the pub trade with their microwaveable pie aimed at the wet led pubs across the UK.

Ready from frozen in just 3½ minutes the microwavable range of the iconic Pukka Pie has already had a huge impact on the industry.

Co-Managing Director, Tim Storer, commented; “My father started supplying Pukka Pies to the pubs and clubs in the local Leicestershire area 50 years ago as he set out on his journey with the business. We are delighted that this tradition continues to this day and we have spread our reach across the whole of the UK and have seen a major increase in sales to traditionally wet led pubs in the last few months.

Our 3½ Minute microwaveable pie range is the perfect solution for establishments without the necessary facilities or catering staff to provide food on a larger scale.

They can serve a delicious hot Pukka Pie in 3½ minutes and only require a microwave to do so.”

The microwaveable Pukka Pie range includes All Steak and Chicken and is now available from selected major retailers. A new short crust pastry recipe has been specially developed by Pukka Pies’ research team for the microwave.

Coupled with innovative new packaging which includes a laminated card to ensure that the pastry has a light crumbly eating quality, this ensures a truly delicious pie is created every time. Pukka Pies have ensured that the steak and chicken fillings remain consistent and loyal to the traditional qualities expected by customers.

For more information go to www.pukkapies.co.uk

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