Today’s cost conscious consumer society is placing demanding supply requirements on UK industry sectors, which means that the packaging industry must offer on-going support to its customers. Aetna, one of the UK’s leading packaging machinery suppliers believes that preventative maintenance is the key to continuous production.

“Retailers demand that goods are received into their warehouses and stores correctly packaged on a just-in-time basis” says Paddy McCartney, National Sales manager of Aetna Group UK.

“Product supply chains can fail if wrapping and packaging machines are not correctly installed and maintained, and if the employees responsible for operating these machines are not properly trained. Aetna UK runs a service contract scheme on the full range of its machines and employs a team of engineers, managed by a dedicated service department. Engineers deliver and install the machines, training the customers’ workforce in set-up and operating procedures, and this team then takes responsibility for a planned maintenance and emergency call-out aftersales service.”

Colin Barker, Aetna’s General Manager, says: “Manufacturers and their logistics partners want to work with packaging machinery system suppliers that provide comprehensive aftersales spares and service support.”

Aetna Group UK products include Robopac vertical and horizontal stretch wrapping machines, manual, semi-automatic and automatic Dimac and Prasmatic shrink wrapping machines and a range of five taping and case erector machines.