LINPAC Packaging has launched a new website,, which reflects its vision and fresh thinking approach to the future.

The website includes brand new content in 13 languages to appeal to LINPAC’s global customer base, as well as external audiences from around the world. It has a new contemporary look and feel and enables customers to easily search for new products and services and explains LINPACs unique multi-material approach to fresh food primary packaging design.

The new site provides customers with information on the company’s corporate social responsibility, including their environmental and health and safety policies, as well as providing useful learning resources for training and education establishments and for the general public on the packaging, plastics and food industries.

Joanna Stephenson, Vice President Marketing and Innovation at LINPAC Packaging, said: “We are delighted to launch our new website which reflects the heavy investment we are making as an organisation into our communication tools. Our website now enables a new level of interaction with our customers, suppliers, communities and the general public and we believe that the site reflects our brand promise in its truest sense.

“LINPAC Packaging is striving to be a fresh thinking, innovative company and is working hard with our employees, customers and suppliers to provide excellence in everything we do.

“Combining our values with our general e-media strategy, will enable us to drive up the amount of communication and support we can provide to our stakeholders now and into the future.”

The website has been designed by UK-based Livelink, in Manchester, and Joe Whittaker, a freelance web designer based in Sheffield. Both were tasked with making the website user-friendly, attractive to the broad international audience of LINPAC and fully integrated with LINPAC’s presence on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the company’s blog.

Barbara Laing, Divisional Communications Manager, said:  “Our online presence has grown significantly over the past nine months, with the launch of our fresh thinking campaign, and has provided us with a multitude of platforms to communicate with our stakeholders.  LINPAC prides itself on market leading innovation and we are keen to embrace all new forms of communication to drive our industry forward on topics as diverse as the use of recycled materials to education and training.”