Leading clean label ingredients manufacturer, Ulrick & Short Ltd has launched a specialist range of starches to help cheese producers significantly cut down formulation costs by reducing the reliance on protein.

Free from additives, preservatives and other processing chemicals, Ulrick & Short’s highly versatile range of clean label starches are derived from tapioca and can act as a partial protein replacement, ideal for processed cheese. This allows manufacturers to extend cheese products by directly replacing protein quantities in the form of cheese or other dairy protein substitutes.

Not only does the company’s new range of starches provide significant cost savings for cheese manufacturers but they are also easy to incorporate into existing formulas and due to their low pH are highly process tolerant, capable of withstanding thorough pasteurisation processes.

Unlike many other dairy protein replacements, Ulrick & Short’s ingredients are completely clear in colour and appearance and do not mask any flavours. They can also improve binding of protein with fats and other liquids to deliver a superior creamy mouth-feel.

By matching the rheology of cheese, these tapioca starches not only mimic the textures of cheese but also help to control melt, oil release and the browning points of many processed cheeses, enabling food manufacturers and the food service sector to deliver products that not only taste good but which also look appetising.

In addition to these highly functional tapioca protein replacements, Ulrick & Short also has a range of fibres, which absorb moisture to prevent grated cheese from clagging and therefore extend product shelf-life. In many cases ingredients such as potato starch are used to coat grated cheese but often leave a slightly floury taste and texture.

Although the perception would be that any fibre coating may leave a faint nutty flavour, Ulrick & Short’s fibres have been developed to be completely neutral in taste, making them highly versatile for any strength cheese.

Ulrick & Short has been working with dairy producers for over a decade and understands not just the intricate processing techniques adopted by the industry but also the increasing pressures producers are under to reduce costs.

The unparalleled experience has seen some of the largest dairy producers in the UK turn to Ulrick & Short for its technical expertise and ability to deliver high quality, cost effective solutions. For further information about the company’s range of clean label ingredients and functional fibres or to discuss recipe needs please contact Ulrick & Short on 01977 620011.

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