Ireland Food, aligned with leading manufacturers, importers and distributors, delivers some of the finest food and beverage items to discerning customers throughout the Republic.

Indeed, priding itself on its family ethos and entrepreneurial work environment, the company offers customer solutions through a combination of high quality and best value, performed with integrity, honesty, and the highest ethical standards.

First opening its doors for business in 2009, Ireland Food is a relatively young business with vast experience. The reason for this conundrum is that the company was founded by John Daly who, just three years earlier, had sold John Daly Foods Limited (JDF) to Breeo Foods. At that time he had to sign a ‘non-competition’ agreement, but as that agreement ran out an opportunity arose that was too good to miss. “I was too young at 42 to retire. All I know is the food industry, and when Susan Carey from Carton Bros/Manor Farm Chickens said she was looking for a distributor for their top quality chicken product in the west of the country, I was eager to say ‘Yes I can!’, and Ireland Food was born,” John Daly explains.
Running a very tight ship in order to maintain profitability, Ireland Food has seven trucks and three chilled vans covering the west of Ireland, and its management procedures are very stringent indeed. They have to be, as John Daly explains, “Our turnover is our commission, which would be in the region of 650,000. But to receive this commission we have to sell millions of euros worth of product … which takes some doing when you sell a chicken for circa 5 and milk for 1.50!”

Ireland Food is enjoying considerable success though. Overheads are huge, yet a 25% increase in turnover year-on-year shows clear evidence of ongoing company growth.

So is there further growth to be had in what is a seriously challenging economy? John Daly thinks so. “I think we will continue to grow and we are always on the lookout to acquire small companies that require a cash injection and quality management. Sometimes a company is tired and in need of a new lease of life, and we think we can offer this and add vitality.”

To find out more, telephone Ireland Food on 091798060 or John on 00353 872593813: web site is and email is [email protected].

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