Martek Food Systems has launched a fresh approach to bulk merchandising, with the introduction of self-serve dispensing systems, ideal for organic and health food shops.

Already popular in the US and Europe, the innovative merchandising system enables organic and health food retailers to offer a wide variety of organic goods and health supplements in bulk without any packaging, with the opportunity to lower prices while increasing sales and margins.

Martek Food Systems offers a range of dispensing bins as part of a complete merchandising solution that includes purpose-built fixtures, each created to match individual retailers’ display style, space and budget. From health food shop to organic supermarket, modular systems are designed, manufactured and installed for individual retail outlets to make the most of limited shelf and display space.

Hygienic, attractive and user-friendly, bulk merchandising systems are ideal for a variety of organic and health foods. Systems can incorporate gravity bins for free-flowing products such as nuts and seeds, and scoop bins for larger or ‘sticky’ goods such as dried fruit.

All bins are made of crystal clear polycarbonate, which has an impact strength 35 times greater than acrylic, making them scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable. Easy to clean and refill, the bins keep the product fresh and promote first-in, first-out stock rotation while enabling customers to see the products rather than the packaging.

Self-dispensing also provides benefits for consumers, allowing them to buy as much or as little as they need, thereby reducing food waste, whilst also encouraging experimentation with new foods and supplements.

Mike Elliott at Martek Food Systems, says: “The concept of bulk dispensing is already incredibly popular in the US, Canada, Australia and many European countries, where both retailers and consumers are enjoying the benefits of this innovative approach to merchandising.

“Martek has worked in the retail sector for nearly three decades, and our new Food Systems division draws on this experience and expertise to help retailers solve the familiar challenges of space utilisation, stock rotation, ease of use and merchandising appeal. Our approach is focused on providing a complete bulk merchandising solution that incorporates dispensing bins and fixtures, and Martek Food Systems can deliver this for individual store displays, no matter how big or small.”

Martek Food Systems is the new division of interior solutions specialist Martek, which has been producing high quality bespoke fixtures, fittings and interiors for 30 years to a range of market sectors, including retail, catering, cinema and leisure.

For more information on the full range of bulk merchandising solutions available from Martek Food Systems, please contact Kirsty Carnell on 01689 808 600 or visit