Colston Bassett Dairy is marking a great success in 2013 – not only has the dairy made outstanding cheese for 100 years but the farming co-operative first established in 1913 is still in operation. It is a very special year in the history of Colston Bassett Dairy, the home of traditional Stilton cheese and Shropshire Blue cheese.

During the 100 years history of the dairy there have only been five Dairy Managers, which in itself shows loyalty to the brand and makes for a consistent product. Every cheese is tasted, as no two cheeses are the same, even when they are made on the same day. Although the production has increased in capacity over the years, the traditional methods have remained in place, including hand ladling the curds. The four farms that provide milk for cheesemaking at the dairy are located within one and a half miles of the dairy.

The celebrations during 2013 will include local events in Colston Bassett, an event in London in conjunction with Neal’s Yard Dairy and a trip to see customers in America. Having reached this milestone, it is something that has to be marked in style as the business starts the next 100 years.

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