From the outset, they decided to use old family recipes for cake classics, which they felt could be brought up to date, but continued using simple, quality ingredients and only what would be normally found in the kitchen cupboard.

They immediately started to get amazing reactions from people who bought them. People loved the home baked taste and presentation, being pleasantly reminded of just how good cakes used to taste in their childhood.

So why Nutty Tarts? Deborah laughed and said, “We knew very little about business, we were housewives, had busy lives, husbands and young families to deal with, people even suggested we were mad to consider starting a business. However, we have a genuine passion for making great tasting cakes and we also realised that we were quite bonkers about baking. It was already taking over our lives and so the name Nutty Tarts suddenly seemed very appropriate!”

Their reputation has grown quickly and spread beyond web customers to the retail sector where discerning buyers are using Nutty Tarts products to add a high quality, local, unprocessed offer to their cake fixtures. Customers seem to like it and slowly the business is growing through web orders, shows, local delicatessens and farm shops, Tastes of Anglia (Table), Regional National Trust and Waitrose.

Nutty Tarts has become a recognised quality producer in respect of winning both food and business awards.

However, going back to the original question, according to Deborah and Rachel, “A REAL CAKE is one that is made using ONLY those ingredients that you would find in your kitchen cupboard. If the list of ingredients on the pack differs from this then, in our opinion it is probably NOT real cake. We recognise that we are not the only producers of what we term REAL CAKE and so we are passionate about joining with and celebrating all the REAL CAKE producers and businesses out there.”

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