If you don’t enjoy your work you shouldn’t be doing it – life’s too short to spend a minimum of eight hours a day doing something you dislike. While true, this is a maxim that many people push to the back of their minds, primarily for financial reasons. However, there are a small number of people who make a leap of faith and change their lives forever.

One such person is Bob Henshelwood of Henshelwood’s Fine Foods, which is located on the glorious Isle of Bute in Scotland. Bob and his wife were both professional people, earning a good ‘wedge’, and to all intents and purposes were happy and successful. But they had a passion, fine foods, so they bought a delicatessen. Moreover, they started to make original pickles, chutneys and jams for the deli counter, which not only proved extremely popular with customers, but also with other delicatessens. In fact, in no time at all they were supplying other retailers.

Now this is where the story really gets interesting, and seems to show that if you’ve got the guts to step out the universe is right behind you. For Mr and Mrs Henshelwood went on holiday to the Isle of Bute and, while there, discovered that they’d both always wanted to live there but had never told each other! Then they had an idea; a crazy idea. Could they find somewhere to set up a business on the Isle of Bute to manufacture their growing product range?

That was just over six years ago. Today, Henshelwood’s Fine Foods has a multi-award winning product range and supplies customers throughout the UK, as well as to locations as far afield as Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Bermuda, Dubai and Bahrain. And they’re now looking for new premises so they can expand. That’s what passion does for you.

chief editor

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