A leading manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging, offering complete and competitive solutions for all requirements, Leeways Packaging Services has the know-how you need to do the job you want.

Indeed, flexible, efficient and cost-effective, this highly experienced Gloucestershire based firm takes quality and service one stage further, opening up a whole new world of opportunity for clients that refuse to compromise.

Operating out of a purpose-built ‘Hi-Care’ manufacturing facility, which has led to the complete transition in recent years from just 5% food related products to 94%, Leeways offers solutions across a broad range of sectors, including bakery, prepared foods, seafood, dairy, confectionery, meat, fresh produce and salads. Furthermore, with exactly the right, high quality environment to enable it to win major food contracts, the company has now invested in a new, high-tech RDK 80 machine in order to manufacture and supply fruit punnets to what is a large and growing industry.

The new LP punnet range has been designed to fit within a standard heat-sealing footprint, offers maximum product visibility and has innovative vertical ribs to strengthen the punnet. These ribs provide maximum security during packing, transportation and display. Designed especially for soft fruit, the punnets are available in a range of depths from 40mm-85mm and can be supplied with or without vents. The positioning of the vent holes have been designed to provide maximum air circulation, thereby extending product life while, at the same time, being located to minimise potential damage to the fruit. Made from recycled PET, the punnets can be heat sealed or fitted with a clip on lid and the overall design enables maximum use to be made of packaging space.

This £1 million investment allowed Leeways to start production at the back end of April and, with approvals from all of the major retailers and an impressive first few months, is looking to take full advantage of its unique offering in 2012: ;unique’ because Leeways is the only 100% British owned company in the soft fruit punnet industry. Leeways, because it is still a privately owned and funded company, can react quicker to requests and provide a level of customer service that is a world away from the ‘corporate sector’.

With a 50,000ft2 distribution centre opened in the heart of Gloucester in the summer of 2010, plus a 17,000ft2 extension built around its new fruit punnet operation, Leeways is clearly planning for a bright future. In March 2010, Leeways bought the assets of Chevler Packaging, a manufacturer of plastic and paper packaging, which had fallen into administration. This provided a turnover boost of around £1 million, and came complete with two high volume Illig thermoforming machines and enabled Leeways to bolt on a stock product range, thereby opening up new market sectors.

The UK market for thermoformed plastic packaging is circa £350 million and, with Leeways currently having around 2.5% of this market, there is considerable growth to be had in the years ahead. Leeways is a financially strong and well funded private company in an industry where many companies are under financial pressure. This enables it to invest in new plant and equipment to support growth and competitiveness at a speed not generally associated with larger companies.

It is this forward-looking, innovative approach that is fuelling ongoing expansion at Leeways, with the company growing its business year-on-year by more than its 20% target rate: in the last financial year this figure exceeded 30%.

Built to perform, priced to compete, the company’s extensive portfolio will exceed your highest expectations. But don’t just take our word for it: telephone Leeways now on 01452 750487. Alternatively, visit the company’s new website at www.leeways.co.uk.

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