Moving Food Ltd based in Yorkshire and Hertfordshire were faced with a challenge from an airline, “can you develop a dessert made from the leading nut chocolate spread without the nuts; We can’t risk allergies at 35,000 feet!”

After many months of research and the meeting of minds of a flavourist Susann Wright, Dawn Foods in Evesham and Moving Food know how samples were presented. Made from 100% cocoa, 30% less fats and sugars than the market leader and with no nasty additives, a nut free hazelnut spread and frosting was created. Both a consumer based product and food manufacturing stable product were the two key priorities. Creating both a spread and frosting also added some complexity.

On sale now in Holland & Barrett and in 6L tub available for bakers and deli’s to top off cupcakes or sponges, the product bottled in BRC Grade factory in South Wales by Clarks comes to the shelves for consumer purchase. The major multiples are getting ready to stock the range, but more importantly the success of the chocolate spread has driven the team further.

Very shortly a nutfree peanut butter will hit the market too. Peanut butter in jars as well as 6L tubs for chicken satay recipes and industrial use. Finally like the hazel nut choky spread a peanut butter safe for allergy sufferers: For the kids finally a peanut butter with less sugars and far less salt too.

So the regions of the UK have been united under Moving Food and a market solution has been sourced. Stephen Minall Owner/Director of Moving Food says; “It was great to involve the experts, share the development across the UK and find a really stunning solution, and yes nutfree desserts will be with you soon, albeit at 35,000 feet”



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